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Fractional HP - General Purpose Motors
Single-Phase Motors ODP
Single-Phase Motors TEFC
Three-Phase Motors ODP
Three-Phase Motors TEFC

General Purpose Motors
Three-Phase Motors
Explosion Proof Motors - TEFC (IP54)
Single-Phase Motors

NEMA Premium Efficiency - General Purpose Motors

Crusher Duty Motors
Crusher Duty : Three-Phase Motors

Tru-Metric IEC Motors - Aluminum and Cast Iron Frames
Tru-Metric IEC : Three-Phase Motors

Definite Purpose Motors
Two-Speed Dahlander Motors - TEFC (IP55) - Three-Phase
Auger Drive - TEFC (IP55) - Single-Phase
Brake Motors - TEFC (IP55)
Compressor Duty Motors - ODP (IP21)
Explosion Proof Motors - TEFC (IP44)
Farm Duty Motors - TEFC (IP55)
Food Processing - TEFC (IPW55) - Three-Phase
Gasoline Pump - TEFC (IP44)
Inverter Duty Motors - TEBC (IP55) Three-Phase
IEEE 841 - TEFC (IPW55) - Three-Phase
Jet Pump Motors - Integrals Motors
Jet Pump Motors - NEMA 56 Motors
Oil Well Pumping - ODP (IP21) & TEFC (IP55) - Three-Phase
P-Base Motors - TEFC (IP55) - Three-Phase
Poultry Fan Motors - TEAO (IP44) - Single-Phase
Pool and Spa Motors - ODP (IP21) - Single-Phase
Saw Arbor Motors - TEFC (IP54) - Three-Phase
Stainless Steel Motors - Sharkô - (IP55) - Three-Phase
Vector Duty Motors - TEBC (IP55) - Three-Phase
Vertical Hollow Shaft TEFC (WP-I) Three-Phase

Drives & Soft-Starters
Drives & Soft-Starters

CWM Contactors
Enclosed Full Voltage Starters
Thermal Overload Relays

Level 2: Low Voltage Motors
Level 3: Medium and High Voltage Motors / Generators
Level 4: Drives and Controls
Level 5: Definite Purpose
Level 6: Manuals
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Wiring Diagrams