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Jaw In-Shear Couplings - inch


  Jaw In-Shear Type

Jaw In-Shear 6pin

JIS 6 Pin Saves Great Amounts Of Time,
Maintenance, And Inventory Costs
Lovejoy’s commitment to continual product improvement is demonstrated in
the next generation of the Jaw In-Shear (JIS) coupling—the new Jaw
In-Shear 6 Pin. This new design features a unique 6 pin locking system
that allows for even easier locking of the element. Lovejoy’s L-Type and CType
Jaw hubs are utilized with this design. No tools are needed, because
the element is radially removable, neither hub (for the driver or driven
equipment) has to be moved to replace the element.

Choose From 16 JIS 6 Pin Sizes and New
Spacer Design
The Jaw In-Shear 6 Pin coupling is available in bore sizes up to 9 inches.
The JIS 6 Pin Spacer coupling is designed specifically as a drop-in replacement
for a grid spacer coupling. The adapter hubs allow a grid spacer
design to be replaced with a non-lubricated JIS 6 Pin Spacer coupling. The
JIS 6 Pin Spacer coupling is available in sizes LS090-CS350. These sizes
cover B.S.E. (between shaft end measurement) of 3.5, 5, 7, and 9 inches,
depending on coupling size.

JIS 6 Pin Stainless Steel Option
For highly corrosive, heavy washdown environments, the JIS 6 Pin design
combined with Lovejoy’s stainless steel jaw hubs creates a totally stainless
steel coupling.

• 2 degree angular misalignment capability
• .030"-.094" parallel misalignment capability
• Torsional wind-up of 5 degrees at full load
• 50D shore Urethane material—maximum temperature of 200 F (93 C)
• The retaining ring is made from #347 cast stainless steel
• Stainless steel hubs are available for sizes SS075-SS150 from stock.
• All other stainless steel hub sizes are available as made to order
• Can be used with AL-type aluminum jaw coupling hubs for AL090/095,
• AL099,100 and AL110
• The Ori